Tropical Honeymoon Getaway in Australia

Australia makes for an unforgettable tropical honeymoon getaway experience, from hanging out with koalas and kangaroos on Kangaroo Island’s remote shore to wine tasting at vineyards in Barossa Valley; Australia is truly remarkable place.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in Esperance’s picturesque beaches, where powder-soft white sand reflects sunlight into a brilliant shade of blue. Birders and history enthusiasts can learn about ancestors at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.


If you and your partner want to experience the exotic beauty of Bali on a honeymoon trip, consider booking your accommodation at one of its luxurious properties. Not just resorts – these hotels provide high-end service and romantic touches that will ensure you make the most of your time on this stunning island.

One of the great aspects of honeymooning in Bali is its endless variety. Beaches that feel unspoilt such as Pasir Putih or tours to Mount Ijen to witness one of nature’s largest acid lakes and only natural blue fire are just two options available to couples on their journey.

For couples looking for an adventurous escape, the island’s world-heritage rainforests provide tours that highlight ecosystems broken down into woodland, wetlands and more – and tours will teach about flora and fauna of the region. Yoga on the beach, local spiritual ceremonies or luxurious spa treatments at top properties also await those interested.

If your vacation preferences tend towards outdoor and adventure-based experiences, a visit to Kangaroo Island on Australia’s southern coast might just be what the doctor ordered. With its stunning nature and wildlife sanctuary, Kangaroo Island provides the ideal setting to unwind as a newlywed couple.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park offers an enchanting Australian wilderness experience, boasting natural beauty, Aboriginal cultural significance, and abundant wildlife. Explore cascading waterfalls, gorges, and sheltered pools while discovering ancient Aboriginal rock art as well as an astounding variety of bird species. It also provides accommodations such as the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel as well as cabins and campsites if camping under the stars appeals more.

Kakadu’s Mary River region provides luxurious lodges and resorts, such as Savanna Towers Resort. You could also stay at one of its safari camps such as Sal Salis, with its 15 eco-lux tents overlooking the dunes and sun of Kimberley Coast.

Kakadu National Park offers adventurers of all kinds an unparalleled hiking experience, with its rugged rock cliffs providing the ideal setting. Spend a few days discovering uncharted beaches, bays, and scenic gorges without ever encountering another person! Don’t miss the spectacular Igoymarrwa or Moline Rockhole with its lush vegetation featuring eucalypts and palms surrounding pristine plunge pools; to experience Kakadu at its most unspoiled visit between December and January when dry season conditions prevail!

Hamilton Island

The Whitsunday Islands are a beloved honeymoon destination, offering many resorts offering luxurious amenities. Additionally, watersport enthusiasts will find something exciting here, from snorkelling and diving to breathtaking natural landscapes and the Heritage Museum and Art Gallery for some culture.

Margaret River is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts looking to escape Australia’s South West. Here you can enjoy gourmet dining experiences at local vineyards as well as hiking through lush rainforest and taking an intimate canoe ride through mangroves.

Noosa is one of Australia’s most beautiful beach regions and an ideal honeymooner destination, offering both picturesque beaches and lush natural surroundings. Take an indescribably intimate tour through Noosa National Park before visiting Kuranda Koala Gardens!

Kangaroo Island offers an exclusive island retreat located off Adelaide. Here, there is an array of boutique accommodations from hotels to bed and breakfasts and natural attractions such as Koala Sanctuary or Captain Cook Memorial & Lighthouse to visit.

Jervis Bay

An unforgettable romantic Jervis Bay getaway awaits those who rent double sea kayaks for two and paddle peacefully along its crystal blue waters. Or stay at a stunning beachside retreat like Bay & Bush Cottages which offer privacy and tranquillity just minutes from Huskisson and Jervis Bay. There is also hiking and bushwalking to be had here among its rich natural landscape, complete with deep craters, flamin’ red roads, ancient cliffs, and hidden creeks – creating truly memorable memories!

New South Wales’ underrated gem is an all-year destination, though school holidays in December and January can become especially busy. Visitors can observe dolphins, seals and penguins at Jervis Bay Marine Park; climb the Cape St. George Lighthouse to view whale migration; watch sunset at Plantation Point to witness beautiful shorelines glowing a lovely shade of sparkling blue as bioluminescent plankton illuminates shallow waters – it truly makes for an incredible spectacle!

Luxury travel and wildlife encounters do not always go hand in hand, yet Australia boasts some of the most luxurious yet eco-friendly resorts and lodges worldwide. Australia is home to some of the finest, eco-friendly resorts and lodges available – whether you want to spot dolphins and sea dragons from your private yacht, swim in an isolated bay, or spot dolphins from a private yacht, everything can be done here in the Whitsunday Islands; which have long been favored among celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Australia’s Hemsworth brothers!